21 January 2021

Weapons of victory: Plasma gun Mk-3

This weapon is an improved copy of the “Tracer” plasma gun, developed by the UMC scientists. Currently, the Tornado gunship fighter is equipped with this particular weapon. Compared to its predecessor, Mk-3 plasma gun has improved batteries that allow it to accumulate more charge to deal significant damage to the enemy. The built-in cooler significantly increased the firing time. At the moment, the United Mercenary Center has received an offer to purchase a production license from Scott en Cott company.


From the report of UMC scientists

A few years ago, we received the “Trasser” plasma gun at our disposal. We decided that his feature would be perfect for our new gunship fighter. Naturally, the staff of the Outpost shipyard do not know about this. We already tested the Mark-2 version a month ago, but it all ended in an accident due to the instability of the prototype. This was probably due to the technologies of the Revenants and aliens that we decided to implement.

The Mark-3 version has been fully tested. We are currently ready to start mass production of this weapon. We also recommend establishing export for Federation corporations.

Currently this weapon is only available for the “Tornado” ship.


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