8 April 2021

Fight and earn xenochips! Build the “Salyut-ST” ship!

A new stage for collecting the special game currency — Xenochips — opens from April 8 to April 28! For a limited time, special items in the in-game store can be bought with xenochips.

Imperial bundle

  • Decor “Empire”
  • Portrait №116 “Major Typhoon”
  • Metallic Blue 1
  • Metallic Blue 2
  • Metallic Blue 3

Federal bundle

  • Decor “Federation”
  • Portrait №112 “Kay Jet”
  • Metallic purple 1
  • Metallic pink 1
  • Metallic pink 2

Jericho bundle

  • Decor “Jericho”
  • portrait №84 “Sister Edge”
  • “Metallic lavender 1”
  • “Metallic orange 1”
  • “Metallic red 1”

A set of special paints

  • Enclave protective coating
  • Green smoke
  • Lemon smoke
  • Turquoise smoke
  • Pixel camo
  • Sea

“Salyut-ST parts” pack

  • A bundle with components for the ship “Salyut-ST” ship


Bundles are available for purchase in the game store. Xenochips can be received as a reward for completing special tasks.

Xenochips are added to the game for a limited time, and after the end of the event they will be withdrawn from the game and from the accounts of all pilots. Make sure to spend your xenochips before the end of the event!


Star Conflict Team


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