2 May 2021

Contest ”Space victory”

Pilots! In honor of the upcoming May 9 holiday and the anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the UMC announces a special creative contest

Contest conditions:

  • You need to create an artwork (a drawing or a graphically modified screenshot) about Victory Day in Star Conflict
  • Post your work in a special Discord channel
  • Only one artwork from each participant may be uploaded.
  • The work must be created by you specifically for this contest and must not violate the rules of the server and the game;

Rewards and contest dates:

  • The entries will be accepted from May 2 until May 19. 
  • The winners will be announced within a week.


  • 1 place - any DLC from the store
  • 2 place - any ship of your choice
  • 3 place - special premium license for 30 days

Traditionally, the authors of the most “liked” entries will receive the weapon “Th'ak'len 11-17”!

Good luck and happy holiday, pilots!


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