1 September 2021

Knowledge Day

United Mercenary Center traditionally launches special operation "Knowledge Day". Destroy enemies, pass useful information on flights to the Center and earn its respect!
As a reward you will receive special achievements and titles. Those who helped us last year and did not have time to perform all the "Knowledge Day" tasks, will be able to complete them this year!


This achievement is awarded to pilots for destroying 5 enemies in a single battle during the events of the ‘Knowledge Day’.


This unique achievement is awarded to players if they fail to bring down a single ship in battle during the ‘Knowledge Day’.


The achievement is issued for the destruction of 10 enemies, while piloting an interceptor during the events of the ‘Knowledge Day’.


The achievement can be obtained by killing 10 enemies while piloting a fighter ship during the ‘Knowledge Day’.


The achievement can be obtained by shooting down 10 enemies while piloting a frigate during the events of the "Knowledge Day".


You will get this achievement if you can destroy 20 enemies while piloting a long-range frigate during the events of the ‘Knowledge Day’.

Space Cadet

The achievement is unlocked once you win 5 battles on rank 1-9 ships during the events of the "Knowledge day". (Not necessarily consecutive)


For this achievement, you will need to win 5 battles only on rank 10-15 ships. (Not necessarily consecutive)


This is the final title given only the most motivated pilots — you can get it for unlocking all 8 achievements of the ‘Knowledge Day’ event.
The event will last untill September 6. Good luck, pilots! More victories — more knowledge for us all!
Star Conflict Team


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