2 June 2022

New packs “Star Conflict: Phoenix” and “Star Conflict: Phoenix. Deluxe edition”

Pilots! The “Star Conflict: Phoenix” and “Star Conflict: Phoenix. Deluxe edition” packs are now available in the official project store. The Deluxe edition pack will be available for a limited time until July 7. The ship will be available to pilots with no time limit.

Star Conflict - Phoenix. Deluxe edition

This pack includes

  • Improved version of “Phoenix” rank 15
  • Additional special module “Phoenix” drones
  • “Nailer” gun
  • Amplifying shields
  • Shield sync

Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Permanent credit earnings bonus +10%
  • Unique portrait “Bone”
  • Pattern “Golden lines”
  • Stickers “Lunar twins” and “Butterfly effect”

Additionally, the pilot receives the modules:

  • Energy-compensating projectile
  • Explosive restoration
  • Mass shield generator
  • Vernier engines
  • Shared cooler
  • Acceleration coils
  • Crystal plates
  • Reinforced beams
  • “Horizon” module
  • Proton wall
  • Infrared scanner

Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!

Star Conflict - Phoenix

This pack includes

  • Improved version of “Phoenix” rank 15
  • “Nailer” gun
  • Amplifying shields
  • Shield sync
  • Unique portrait “Bone”

Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!

Phoenix is another marvel of pirate engineers. Initially it used to be a Styx, though proving it seems to be rather impossible. The first ships began attacking Imperial convoys in 4611. The heavily-armed frigate was capable of fighting against transport escorts with ease, while simultaneously carrying out field repairs for allied forces. According to the Sargas Fund, more than a hundred convoys were destroyed with the help of the Phoenix frigates.

Despite all positive qualities of the ship, the Legion forces have easily managed to capture a few prototypes for further research. As it turned out later, Phoenix was equipped with non-standard engines and an improved power supply system, operating on the verge of overloading at all times. The ship’s hull also received additional armor. Among other things, the ship has many combat modules of federal origin. Separately, it is worth noting the ship’s extended bridge, which was the reason why many collectors bought the frigate.

The ship’s blueprints, created based on the results of the research, were transferred to the UMC. Despite its high cost, many mercenaries gladly purchase Phoenix to take part in heavy combat. However, the leadership of the Center does not recommend flying this frigate in Imperial space, as these machines used to lead the largest pirate raids, and are associated with pirate leaders. This fact gives the Imperial forces the right to destroy the ship at the slightest suspicion of any illegal activity.

In 4622 the ship was significantly enhanced and the already issued Phoenix are now being modernized. The new auto-repair system is rumored to be able to get the ship back in service even when the hull is severely damaged, as long as vital on-board equipment remains operational.

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