1 August 2022

Final days! Star Conflict: Ze'Ta. Deluxe edition is available!

Pilots! The bundle “Star Conflict: Ze'Ta. Deluxe edition” is available once again at the project's official store. The bundle will be available for a limited time until August 8!

This bundle includes

  • A special configuration of the “Ellydium” destroyer Ze'Ta with a fully completed development tree and all open Nodes.

Ze'Ta weapons:

  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon: “Kai” fission launcher 12 Mk.5
  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon: “Kai” fission launcher 17 Mk.5
  • “Ellydium” destroyer weapon “Plasma burster”

Ze'Ta active modules:

  • Active module Swarm control 14 Mk.4”
  • Active module Swarm control 17 Mk.4”
  • Active Module “Devastator beam"
  • Active module “Crystalline suppressor”

Ze'Ta modules and modifiers:

  • Module “Landing Platform”
  • Transport module “Jump system Kapkan”
  • Ellydium destroyer engine modifier “Speed Balancer”
  • Capacitor modifier “Dead Hand”
  • CPU modifier “Combat control”

Additionally, the pilot gets stickers:

  • “Ellydium corporation”
  • “Crystal DNA”
  • “Ellydium skull”

Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!

We remind you that a Premium license grants all pilots greater rewards for each battle. The pilot, who receives a premium license from the Command, quickly masters new ships due to increased experience gain in battle. And when the battle ends, pilots with a premium license have two bonus attempts at trophy search — this means that the chance of getting new unique equipment becomes higher!

When purchasing multiple DLCs, the time for premium licenses is cumulative.


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