15 September 2022

Adventure “Black relay race”

Mercenary! This is the Federation coordinator at “New Eden” station. There is an urgent mission for you. You need to fly to the “Poseidon complex” zone, meet our agent there and hand over a valuable cargo to him. You are absolutely forbidden to look at its contents. I’ll reset the meeting point coordinates to your on-board computer. It’s important to deliver the cargo to its destination at all costs!

  • “Adventure” is a new story challenge that takes place in the open world sectors.
  • By taking part in the adventure, the player can make his own choices about the further development of the story.
  • The progress of each player in the “Black relay race” is taken into account.
  • If you manage to overcome the challenges, you will receive unique rewards, including a new portrait “Kenny McConflict”.
  • “Black relay race” is a temporary event. Hurry up and complete all the tasks, because no one knows when this channel of income will be closed...

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