4 September 2023

Nine years since release! Golden battles!


Nine years ago, on September 4, 2014, Star Conflict was officially released. Since then, the project’s world has changed significantly. For nine years pilots have been fighting each other in PvP, completing PvE missions, and exploring Open Space.

During this time, new fighters, frigates, and destroyers joined the lineup. New weapons and new modules were added. New locations were discovered.

Over the past year, pilots took part in a lot of interesting events. It all started with the new adventure “Black relay race”, where you chose your own path of its development, fulfilling the coordinator’s assignment. At the same time, the mercenaries were assembling a new Federation fighter “Irbis”. Then the space was again disturbed by a wave of anomalous energy, and the pilots once again faced the “Curse of the leviathan”, while the UMC took orders for the production of the unique engineering frigate “Thrasher”, which is intimidating by its appearance alone.

When the leadership of the “Ellydium” corporation was burdened with finding a way to harness the information from the artifacts obtained during the “Black relay race”, the pilots had already begun assembling a new Imperial gunship “Typhon”. Next, as part of the new mission “In Search of the lost shuttle,” the mercenaries were faced with the difficult task of transmitting data about an artifact that rested in a shuttle lost in an imperial scrapyard, while trying not to attract the attention of the guards. In between these attempts, the pilots were assembling a new Jericho cover frigate “Confessor”. At the same time, a version of the reason behind the Signal’s appearance and its purpose began to gain momentum, as a way for the Precursors to secure their way back to this world, and the Empire revealed Jericho’s mysterious interest in the iridium anomaly on Earth.

Then the pilots began to notice how, right in the heat of battle, strange hostile ships, as if made of paper, began to invade the battlefields! However, this didn’t last long. In the meantime, while the question of the Revenants’ purpose hung over the Federation’s corporation directors, the UMC had upgraded an entire line of flexibly customizable special project ships, including temporarily providing pilots with additional resource earnings to assemble them for completing special assignments.

Finally, the mercenaries began assembling the newest Imperial recon interceptor “Seeress”, diluting the process with a new adventure “Data markup” where the pilots got involved in improving the “Ariadne” AI. At the same time, the Federation’s attention turned to the mysterious Miss Summer, who, however, may be pursuing the same goal — figuring out the source of the Signal.

A number of ships have been improved over the past year: Reaper, Bear, Wasp, Palom, Sai and Grim have received a higher rank. Pilots now have the ability to craft golden ammunition that significantly increases synergy extraction. Jericho introduced its new ship “Vindicator”, and the pilots felt the power of “Sledge”, the new Imperial recon interceptor. At the same time, a new Mk.5 level of modifier upgrade, and a little later it became possible to get the blueprints for producing modifiers of this level in open space.

And just recently, pilots have begun assembling the new Imperial long-range frigate “Helicon”, a modified and improved version of the yacht whose owner barely avoided the unfortunate fate after escaping a pirate trap.

Thank you for being with us and conquering the universe for another year!

The new year will bring us new surprises. And today we celebrate! Festive missiles “Spark” are available for purchase from September 4 to September 11!

The UMC announces the Golden battles!

Pilots! The UMC announces the “Golden battles”! Each pilot can earn up to 500 Galactic Standards for winning in battles.

Until 04:00 GMT on September 11, participants will receive the following rewards:

  • 50 Galactic Standards for 5 victories
  • 100 Galactic Standards for 10 victories
  • 150 Galactic Standards for 15 victories
  • 200 Galactic Standards for 20 victories

Good luck in battles, mercenaries!

Best regards,
Star Conflict Team

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