5 September 2023

Special offer! Customizable ship sets!

Pilots! You will have a unique chance to purchase a set of only those ships that you need with a discount. The offer will be available for a limited time until September 11, 06:00 GMT.

The new discount mechanism will allow you to create your own set of multiple ships by adding them to your Cart. Each additional bundle increases the discount: if you purchase two products from this list through the Cart, you will receive a 20% discount, if you purchase three products, you will get a discount of 30%, and if you purchase four products, you will get a discount of 40%. And purchasing five bundles or more will grant you a 50% discount!

The following ships take part in this promotion:

  • Star Conflict — Pilgrim
  • Star Conflict — Invincible
  • Star Conflict — Archon
  • Star Conflict — Vigilant
  • Star Conflict — Tyrant
  • Star Conflict — Object NY18
  • Star Conflict — Shark
  • Star Conflict — Joker
  • Star Conflict — Sawtooth
  • Star Conflict — Razor

Please note! The discount is applied only when you add items from the list above to your Cart and make a single purchase. These bundles can also be purchased separately without a discount. Other bundles do not take part in this promotion.

Best regards,
Star Conflict Team

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