27 February 2024

The Mysteries of space

In the vast expanse, where silence spells,
Three brave ships: Thar’Ga, Tai’Kin, Waz’Got dwell.
Mysteries of cosmos in their hands we entrust,
They seek answers, in the cosmic dust.

Thar'Ga, Tai'Kin, and Waz'Got, in names they thrive,
Unmask the celestial secrets, bring stars alive,
Their saga inscribed in the infinite yonder,
A tale of courage makes the universe ponder.

Thar’Ga, Tai’Kin, Waz’Got, with comets they race,
Unfurl the veils of the universe, in an endless chase.
Not hasten they back to realm earthen,
With an interstellar friendship, a new cosmos is birthen.

Star Conflict Heroes is a mobile action RPG set in the universe of the online action game Star Conflict.
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