1 April 2024

Star Conflict π²/6

Pilots! You’ve probably already figured out what this is about so let’s not drag it out and get to it. And the matter at hand is very important! Pay attention, this will be on the test! You better not fail! There will be no second chances!

Game world changes

  • Infected territories now have schools where you can study the biomorph language. Some of the native speakers are impossible to understand. They can often be seen drinking plant-flavored hot water in the middle of the day while discussing the weather.
  • Before you get a bomb in the “Detonation” game mode you will now have to file a hand-written application and submit it to the station where your ships are docked no later than 10 working days before the battle.
  • A meteor shower has destroyed the iridium plantations in the Federation sectors, causing the container prices to rise.
  • There is a rumor that the Aliens are preparing for some event. Could it be a space jam session? Or are they waiting for some unknown visitors? We’re yet to find out…

New bundles in the store

“Crash the party” bundle

  • Price: 50 xenochips.
  • Bundle contents: game crashes immediately upon purchase.

“Crash the party (foreshadowing edition)” bundle

  • Price: 49 xenochips.
  • Bundle contents: game crashes at some point after the purchase.

“Business is slow” bundle

  • Price: free, one purchase per account.
  • Bundle contents:
  • 1000000000 credits
  • 100000000 free synergy
  • 100000 GS
  • 10000 monocrystals
  • 10000 units of every resource
  • Every game location that your ship visits (including the Hangar) now has a little space snail that crawls towards the ship. If it reaches the ship and touches it, your account progress will be reset but you will receive the other items from the bundle… Including the snail. It will reappear at the same distance from a random direction but its speed will now be up by 5%. We hope you will enjoy this experience!


  • All icons in the game are now black and white.

Comment: we’ve discovered that the icons were still readable and distinguishable, which interfered with the fascinating process of figuring out “what is this thing on me?”

A new confirmation window before flying into the Open Space has been added, asking the pilot if they didn’t forget their own head.
ChatGPT 4.0 bots have been added to the chats to liven up the atmosphere. A new quest to detect the bots has been added:

  • A 10-minute timer starts upon accepting the quest.
  • Mark the players that you believe to be bots with special flags.
  • After the timer runs out you will get 500 GS for every player that you correctly identified as a bot. But you will also lose 1000 GS for every real player marked.

Balance changes

  • The game is perfectly balanced. If you don’t agree then you will be banned, your game will uninstall automatically, and your PC will self-destruct!!! To avoid that, send 1000 GS to the following address...

Players and bots

  • Inexperienced players get unlimited access to a set of NY weapons.
  • Players that came close to mastering the game at the same level as the top players were banned.
  • Banned all players with win/loss ratio higher than 3 as part of reworking the balance and meta ships.
  • All players that were dissatisfied with how the destroyers are balanced now have no access to missiles when firing at a destroyer. They also no longer have access to the plasma arc, pirate singularity generator, and the ram.
  • Fixed a bug when bots gave minimal rating to the missions in PvE. Now they not only just do that, but also insult the players.
  • Bots in PvP were replaced with real players.
  • All players now have access to cheats. We remind you that using cheats is forbidden. If you are not yet banned, please contact the support.



  • All ships except for Nordstorm are now only available during holidays.
  • Ships that haven’t been used in a month will now be automatically deleted from the players’ accounts. 
  • We’ve finally figured out how to switch between crystalline and human input language. All Ellydium ship names will be changed.
  • Old rank bonus values were restored and increased. Now a Ghost can destroy an Emperor in only 6.9 sec. Nice.
  • When a PvP battle starts, the speed of all ships begins gradually decreasing to the point of 10% of the maximum value. This will allow for a smoother experience and a PvP battle in chat. We also brought back the ability to chat with the enemy team! Go all out!

Premium ships

  • Raised the maximum number of unique modules from 2 to 5.
  • Comment: this change is to raise the sales of the premium ships. We’ll definitely balance it out later somehow.

Unavailable ships

  • All previously unavailable ships can now be accessed by purchasing the corresponding DLC. The Special Operations boss ships will also be available. Hurry up and get the ships you need while the 50% discount is still active!

Guard frigates

  • All Guard frigates are now forced to pursue allies. They will also try to cover vulnerable destroyer modules from enemy fire.

Suppression destroyers

  • We’ve noticed that this class of ships is quite popular, so we’ve reduced the time of their respawn in half.
  • Modules destroyed in battle now cannot be repaired and disappear from the ship’s slots forever.
  • Comment: these changes will increase the demand for modules, revitalizing the market.


  • The ship will get a 50% buff to damage, temporary weapon damage duration, speed, and special module cooldown rate in order to improve game balance.
  • Comment: statistics showed that the ship turned out to be a mediocre interceptor.

Polar Bear

  • Because of global warming the average space temperature has risen, causing the ship to melt away. 
  • Comment: congratulations, you now have a second Grizzly!


  • Thanks to the latest developments in space dentistry and the use of Crystallid technology, the fangs in the ship’s mouth are now shining much brighter!
  • Comment: this technology is approved by 9 out of 10 border sector dentists.

Saw One

  • Is fine. But the Pilgrim
  • Is now named Saw Two. But that’s not all! Kirishima
  • Is now named Saw Three. The most unlucky of all was Tornado
  • Which is now named Saw Half. You should have seen the look on the Yith’Mor pilots’ faces!
  • Their ship is now named Saw Green™


  • The ship was heavily subsidized by the government as a single father of many children.

Empire ships

  • The leaders of the faction made the difficult decision to conventionalize the names of the ships. As part of the first phase, the fighter ships will be given new names. Thus, the Spark and Shark ship names will remain unchanged, but the other fighters will be named in a similar fashion: Saark, Sbark, Scark, Sdark and so on. This naming convention is planned to be implemented in the next 3 years after the approval of the relevant legislative bill.


  • The Outpost shipyard issued an urgent request to not pet the ship against the hull plates direction.

Saw Half

  • Hacking into systems now allows you to take control of the other half of the ship. Now it’s definitely Saw Half!


  • Ship pilots got a fine for violating lighting and safety standards while handling lasers.


  • The information screen inside the ship’s cockpit has been enlarged to make looking at memes during combat more comfortable.

Executor, Confessor

  • The crews of the ships got into a heated argument about the most appropriate way to neutralize the enemy.



  • All weapons in PvE now deal 3000% more damage.
  • Comment: we’ve discovered that the weapons do not deal enough damage at level 100 in PvE missions. If the damage is still insufficient, the damage will be increased by another 3000%.

Laser weapons

  • Added aim assist.
  • Comment: due to constant complaints about cheats, we decided to lower the upper skill bar for using laser weapons so that more players can play as real professionals without cheats.


  • It was revealed that ships hit by this weapon did not burn down completely. Now the burning damage applies even after the ship is destroyed.

Kinetic Supercharger

  • The spread increase speed is now cut in half.
  • The weapon is now named “Kinetic Supergrinder”.

Flux Phaser, Scatter Gun, Thi'Lith Beam, Destructor

  • These weapons are now ES.

“Fort-4” launcher

  • Beam width increased from 20 meters to 200 meters.
  • Firing range increased by 100%.
  • Comment: these changes were made to improve countermeasure ability against Nordstorm. In addition, 10-kilometer death rays have always lit a fire in the hearts of players!

Special modules


  • The projectile speed increased to 100000 m/s.
  • Comment: we really hope that players will now be able to hit interceptors in warp more effectively. There is no escape!
  • Now the Tachyon Charge effect significantly increases the energy of the projectile, allowing it to pierce through obstacles.

Reflecting shield (Relic)

  • The shield now protects the hull of the ship, it can’t be bypassed, and also it recharges twice as fast, and also restores 10000 shields per second, and also reflects the plasma arc, and also...
  • Comment: please buy Relic DLC.

Modules and modifiers

Energy converter

  • Can now be installed on Suppression destroyers.
  • Comment: have fun.


  • The module now functions the same as it originally did, and it can also be installed on Suppression destroyers.
  • Comment: you’re welcome.

Emergency repair station

  • The module can now be activated only during emergencies. False activation will be penalized.
  • Comment: don’t forget to put out traffic cones around the station or you'll be fined!

Kongmíng manual controls, Ze’Ta swarm

  • Now when exposed to “Rebellion” trojan or Systems hacking, the drone/swarm flies off to the nearby store.

Landing platform

  • It is now possible to land drones.
  • Comment: we discovered that real players hardly ever use the landing platform.

Warp gate Ram-M

  • Any ship that has passed through the gate is now homing in on a selected enemy ship and its ramming damage has been increased to lethal.
  • Comment: the gate was quite difficult to use, especially in terms of deadly ramming. We decided to ease the conditions for effective play.

IR Flares

  • Can now block sensors of the surrounding ships.
  • Comment: we came to the conclusion that the module is not used often enough, so now its capabilities have been extended.


  • Seed-chips are now called seed-cheats, which is more in line with their functionality.
  • Fixed a bug that caused seed-cheats working for players in Co-op.
  • Fixed a bug that caused seed-cheats not working for bots in Co-op.
  • Fixed a bug that caused seed-cheats not working for players in PvP.


  • Changed the logic of triggering the death effect for all relevant decors, now the effect triggers when the enemy is killed.

Solar battery (Yes-yes, it gives 5 pts. of energy per second)

  • Replaced with the “Solar panel” decor.
  • Anticipating a change to the description of this decor, the name has been changed to “Solar panel (Yes-yes, it gives energy depending on the light intensity and distance to the light source according to the formula AP/BR², where P is the intensity of the light source, R is the distance to it, A is the efficiency of the panel, and B is the degree of pollution of the panel. Made from natural, eco-friendly, non-GMO materials. No developers were harmed during production)”.
  • Comment: maybe it’ll fit, maybe it won’t, whatever. We’ll make it scroll or something.

Bug fixes

Bugs: fixed forever.
From now on, if you find something you think is a bug, it's officially a feature.

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