11 June 2024

“Blackwood” shipyard mission panorama

The UMC continues the series of reports on what is currently going on in the Star Conflict universe. The history of the fringe sectors is being written before our eyes.

Sector: Former Imperial sectors
System: Menar
Location: “Blackwood” shipyard

This is the sector where one of the most famous shipyards of the “Blackwood” corporation is located. The corporation is mainly known for developing the Ariadne AI, which brought its creators to a new level on the global market.

Ironside’s fighters are planning an attack on the Ariadne. If they can figure out how to completely control it, it could be the beginning of a catastrophe.

The Empire cannot send its forces right now, so it offers a contract to all mercenaries. You need to protect the “Blackwood” shipyard from the bandits attack.

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