Deal of the Day! 50% off Nightingale ship equipment4 October 2017

Special Offer From Lucas Horn: only today, on October 4, 50% off Nightingale ship components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

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Star Conflict 1.4.9: Engineer Evolved. The final stage3 October 2017

The newest state-of-the-art engineering frigate ‘Waz'Got’ is the quintessence of scientific thought and the result of the collective work of all the employees and scientists of the Ellydium Theta station. 

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Building the destroyer and the Ellydium ship cabin is now made easier!3 October 2017

Attention, pilots! Getting resources for production of destroyers and Ellydium Corporation ship cabins has become easier!

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The final stage of Evolution is almost here!2 October 2017

Tomorrow players will be able to evaluate all the abilities of the engineering frigate Waz'Got!

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Get Nightingale ship components in trophy search!2 October 2017

Throughout the week get Nightingale ship components in post-battle trophy search on rank 8 ships!

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Weekend with Star Conflict!29 September 2017

Pilots, weekend begins! Time to prepare the fleet for new victories! +40% on Galactic standards purchase! Bonuses to synergy!

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Testing Waz'Got on public test server29 September 2017

The testing department of our latest research continues its work. Prepare to see the next stage of development of the engineering frigate Waz'Got, the top of Evolution tech!

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Pioneer of Star Conflict achievements!27 September 2017

Attention, inhabitants of the fringe sectors! The UMC is proud to congratulate the pilot Mzhelskii, the first of registered mercenaries to receive all the achievements in Star Conflict!

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Deal of the Day! 50% off “Xeno Expert” bundle!27 September 2017

Special offer is valid for a limited time and ends at 05-00 UTC on September 28!

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Triple damage in battles!25 September 2017

An urgent message from UMC intelligence — high concentration of an unusual chemical substance was found  in the conflict zones of the fringe sectors.

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