Rare resources in post-battle trophy search!8 September 2017

Mercenaries! UMC intelligence revealed clusters of rare resources in conflict zones. 

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New assignments from Arlette Sokal7 September 2017

All pilots are given the opportunity to get the necessary resources to build the cabin of the Ellydium engineering frigate Waz'Got in the shortest possible time.

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Star Conflict 1.4.8: Engineer Evolved. Stage four7 September 2017

To all pilots in fringe sectors! Today we are ready to present the results of our latest research. Today the fourth stage of evolution of the engineering frigate from the project Evolution Waz'Got became active. 

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Final Day! Get unique ships for xenochips!6 September 2017

Attention, mercenaries! One last day remains of the stage to collect parts for construction of the ships

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Test Site. Part 1. Marcus5 September 2017

From the outside it was a standard procedure for checking the structure after an unsuccessful test at the test site. Without a marker, he would not even have paid attention to this piece of code, but now its projection was firmly embedded in his head and promised to grow into a nightmare. 

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Developer Blog from September 4: The Time of Change4 September 2017

In honour of the 3 year anniversary from Star Conflict release day, we're ready to share fresh news about the future of our beloved universe.

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Testing the new ‘Ellydium’ ship Waz'Got on 13 and 14 ranks1 September 2017

To all pilots in fringe sectors! The testing department of our latest research continues its work. Prepare to see the next stage of development of the engineering frigate Waz'Got, the top of Evolution tech!

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Star Conflict release day anniversary! Golden battles and Discount on Premium license!1 September 2017

In honour of the 3 year anniversary from Star Conflict release day, UMC announces the start of ‘Gold Battles’. Only this weekend, every pilot can earn up to 500 Galactic Standards for winning battles!

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Knowledge Day31 August 2017

United Mercenary Center traditionally launches special operation "Knowledge Day". Destroy enemies, pass useful information on flights to the Center and earn its respect!

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Final week! Get unique ships for xenochips!30 August 2017

Ship parts can be purchased in special sets right in the ship tree for a special game currency — ‘Xenochips’.

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