The Return of Destroyer Tyrant10 August 2017

The first Jericho destroyer, Tyrant was created in XLII century, shortly before the third Bartle sector war. It was created under the watchful eye of the Oracles, as a counterweight to the imperial Invincible.

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Deal of the Day! 50% off Contraband Container!9 August 2017

Lucas Horn from the station ‘New Eden’ reports that his friends have once again arrived in fringe sectors — the independent traders from the cruiser ‘Scotland’.

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Weekend with Star Conflict!4 August 2017

Prepare for the return of Tyrant! 50% off Destroyer Containers!

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New wallpapers!3 August 2017

We prepared new wallpapers inspired by the conflict between old factions and “Ellydium” corporation. Legendary ships and epic battles of Star Conflict Universe are already here to decorate your desktop!

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Contest 'Propaganda. Who is better?'2 August 2017

The big summer confrontation, caused by the appearance of the latest Ellydium corporation ships, continues. We offer you to draw a propaganda poster for the one of two sides!

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Special monthly offer1 August 2017

UMC announces a special event for the last month of the summer! Throughout August pilots will be able to exchange GS for xenochips with a 50% discount.

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Weekly Caches!31 July 2017

The UMC announces the start of production of the new caches! Get them in trophy search after battles from anywhere.

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Weekend with Star Conflict!28 July 2017

Bonuses to synergy and loyalty! 50% off Spatial Scanner and Extended Hull!

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A unique opportunity to get components for Waz'Got special module!27 July 2017

You can get access to a secret container ‘Ellydium node resources’ in post-battle trophy search on ships of ranks 9 and 10! Waz’Got special module parts can also be found in Open Space with spatial scanner.

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DLC. Star Conflict: Engineer Evolved - Waz'Got27 July 2017

Just for the new ‘ELlydium’ ship we have prepared a unique offer for all Star Conflict pilots!

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