Deal of the Day! 30% off Nightingale ship components!27 May 2020

Only today, on May 27, 30% off Nightingale ship components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

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Legendary ships: Grizzly26 May 2020

Large transsystem corporations have long required a vessel for maintenance and repair and have joined forces to sponsor the development of a new frigate.

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Premium License bundles25 May 2020

Pilots, UMC reports that on June 9, the official store finishes the sale of some DLC bundles with a premium license!

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Weekend with Star Conflict!22 May 2020

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! 30% off Archelon ship components! Credit bonuses!

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Results of Contest “Space Victory”21 May 2020

It's time to take the contest results! Our congratulations to the winners and thanks to each participant, you all did it great!

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Discount of the day! 50% off the ‘Waz'Got’ starter pack!20 May 2020

Only today, May 20, we offer a 50% discount on the Waz'Got starter pack! The pack can be purchased both in the in-game store, and directly in the Ellydium ship tree.

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Legendary ships. Black Death19 May 2020

In the early years of the war, Black Death was actively used to intercept retreating ships. Many of Jericho's opponents were unable to call for reinforcements because of the Black Death pilots.

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Final days! Fight and earn xenochips! Get very rare ships!18 May 2020

A new window for collecting the special game currency — Xenochips — opens from April 29 to May 22! For a limited time, a number of ships can be bought with xenochips.

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Weekend with Star Conflict!15 May 2020

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! Save 40% on GS purchases in the official store! Experience bonuses!

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Final days! DLC “Star Conflict: Scylla. Deluxe edition”14 May 2020

Pilots! New bundles “Star Conflict: Scylla” and “Star Conflict: Scylla. Deluxe edition”. The bundle “Star Conflict: Scylla. Elite bundle” will be available for a limited time until May 20.

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