[Weekend special] 50% off 30-day Premium License bundles! Credit bonuses!3 November 2022

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories!

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Deal of the Day! 30% off Karud ship components2 November 2022

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on November 3!

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“Another world. System: Shining” location panorama31 October 2022

Scientists have not yet come to a consensus on whether this world is another universe or unexplored corner of our own. Either way, the artifacts obtained in battles with Aliens don’t give a reason to doubt that this world is native to them. 

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[Weekend special] Experience bonuses!28 October 2022

Pilots, the holidays begin! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! 

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Special offer! Elite ship packs!27 October 2022

Pilots! You have a unique chance to purchase elite versions of certain ships with a discount. The offer will be available for a limited time until December 1. The 40% discount will be active until November 2!

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New desktop wallpapers! 27 October 2022

Pilots! We prepared new wallpapers. Legendary ships, epic battles and breathtaking views of Star Conflict universe are already here to decorate your desktop!

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Special offer! Customizable ship sets!26 October 2022

Pilots! You will have a unique chance to purchase a set of only those ships that you need with a discount. The offer will be available for a limited time until November 1, 06:00 GMT.

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Marathon brawl "The Curse of Leviathan". Get a “Plague Doctor" as a gift!26 October 2022

Attention to all pilots! The UMC received a fixed-term contract from the so-called Intermediary.

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Halloween in Space. Space Cult 26 October 2022

Fanatics and cultists who worship the Signal believe that on "Halloween" the souls of the dead penetrate into our world.

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Star Conflict 1.10.10 Halloween in Space26 October 2022

Every year at the end of October, according to the Earth calendar, a wave of abnormal energy passes through the Universe. According to the old Earth tradition, this time is called "Halloween". This year, especially for the event, we present a new mysterious ship! And Miranda Del Arte has prepared a special secret mission for the pilots! 

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