One day left! Fight and earn xenochips! Get Premium ships!28 April 2020

From April 9 to April 29 it's time to collect the special game currency — Xenochips! Only until April 29, 04:00 UTC you can buy a number of Premium class ships with xenochips.

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Results of Contest Stardust24 April 2020

The space of our game world is great and every day there are interesting discoveries in it. Thanks to all participants and our congratulations to the winners!

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Weekend with Star Conflict!24 April 2020

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! UMC offers all pilots a 30% discount on parts for the ship Brokk!

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“Scylla” special ship resources24 April 2020

UMC reports that “Energy router package” and “Energy router node” will be available for earning in Special Operations until May 12.

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Developer blog has been updated23 April 2020

We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Today we will tell you about the new ship — the Empire long-range frigate Gungnir!

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Deal of the Day! 30% off Stingray ship components!22 April 2020

Only for one day, April 22, they offer all pilots a 30% discount on Stingray ship components! They can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

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Weekend with Star Conflict!17 April 2020

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! 30% off Archelon ship components!  Experience bonuses!

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Paper Conflict. The results16 April 2020

Pilots! The leaderboard of the brawl “Paper Conflict” has been stopped, and the event's participants have received their rewards.

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Star Conflict: Guardians of the Universe. Langsax16 April 2020

Especially to confront Aliens, we have prepared several special ships, calling them “Guardians of the Universe”. The ships are specifically designed to destroy Aliens.

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Brawl schedule16 April 2020

All mercenaries can test their forces in special modes — brawls. Each brawl has different special conditions and rules.

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