26 March 2015

Star Conflict 1.1.0 — Dreadnoughts



From today, corporations can start building their own Dreadnought!

Dreadnoughts are huge ships with destructive fire-power. They have a variety of systems, which can be constructed and damaged in the combat, for example their different weapons: torpedoes, combat drones and guns of various calibers.

Dreadnoughts can move between locations of open space to take part in Sector Conquest.


Control of the Sectors

One of the new features of "Sector Conquest" is the possibility to establish control over open world sectors with the Dreadnought.

Any corporation, who has a Dreadnought, can take part in this struggle for dominance.

A corporation, that took control over the location, can earn extra income, such as credits and Galactic Standards.

The fights in the open space for sectors will begin as soon as a sufficient number of Dreadnoughts have been constructed. Approximate date of the beginning of the battles — April, 16th. This date may vary depending on the activity of the current corporations.


Construction of the Dreadnought

Construction of the Dreadnought is a long and expensive process.

Iridium is the main component. You can use the Iridium from the treasury of the corporation. As optional method, any member of the corporation may also use his personal stock of Iridium.

Initially, it is necessary to build a corporate shipyard. The shipyard is located in a separate location away from the station and only access able for members of the corporation.

At the beginning of the construction the head of the corporation must choose the Dreadnought type.

The construction of a Dreadnought has several stages:

  • Construction of the dock;
  • Installation of the inter-dimensional warp accelerator;
  • Installation of the control system;
  • Completion of the construction and installation of tools.

Each phase of the construction will take from a few days to a week, depending on the amount of the Iridium invested.

Learn more about the construction of the Dreadnoughts here.


New locations

Open World now also contains all maps which you know from PvP.

Also three new systems belonging to the aliens will be opened. In each of these locations pilots can find unique quests.

Many sectors of the inner worlds have changed significantly, some of them have been completely destroyed by aliens.

A full list of the changed locations can be found here.



New tasks, new adventures and the continuation of development on the storyline are coming.

Reworked around 300 missions and added new objects for certain quests.


New alien ships

Despite of the progress in the war against the aliens, it was still not possible to displace them from our sectors.

The game will contain two new types of alien ships:

  • Predator, a large and very dangerous alien ship;
  • Scout, a light interceptor, which often is detected in low-level locations by strangers.


The full list of changes and topic for the discussion can be found on the official forum.

Star Conflict Team


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