23 April 2015

Star Conflict 1.1.3. Dreadnoughts enter the battle!


The battle of Dreadnoughts has begun

All corporations with Dreadnoughts are ready for the beginning of a global war for control of all locations in the border sectors. After the global and deadly Alien attack on almost all the inhabited systems in the galaxy, races can no longer maintain law and order in all their territories. The war brought chaos and lawlessness. Those who are stronger set the rules. Those who have Dreadnoughts! Take control of star systems. Get additional income. Attack other corporations. Show everyone who rules the fate of people in the border sectors. The battle has begun!


World map

Now you can use the map not only to see your current missions, but also to check which corporations establish control over locations. All locations apart from capital zones, docks and locations with special objects can be captured.



There are several types of locations on the map:

  • Stations
  • Regular locations
  • Special locations

Battles are ongoing for control of the locations. Captured locations yield profits for their owners. Profit varies for different locations. Learn more about locations and capture here.


Construction and upgrading

Dreadnoughts can be built by any corporation, which corresponds to the required conditions. Construction consists of 4 stages, each taking a week. Construction can be boosted for iridium. When all the stages are done, players get the base Dreadnought with the equipment. Base configuration includes 3 essential systems — shield emitter, weapon cooler and control tower. Such ship can already be taken into a battle.

Two Dreadnoughts of opposing corporations will clash in an uncompromising struggle for control of the location. The main battle is between the mercenary wings supporting the giant ships. But the main Dreadnought weapons will have their say in the match. It's impossible to destroying the enemy's Dreadnought. You have to cripple it and force the ship to leave the battlefield.


The full list of changes and topic for the discussion can be found on the official forum.

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