Deal of the Day! 30% off Karud ship components22 June 2022

The special offer is valid for a limited time and will end on June 23!

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“Mining site” location panorama21 June 2022

The richest deposit, located in the Pallas system, has long been under the protection of the Mendes Family. Iridium mines are located here, and they are still operational today.

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[Weekend Special] 30% off Brokk ship components! Credit bonuses!17 June 2022

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories! UMC offers all pilots a 30% discount on parts for the ship Brokk! The parts can be purchased directly from the ship tree.

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New desktop wallpapers! 16 June 2022

Pilots! We prepared new wallpapers. Legendary ships, epic battles and breathtaking views of Star Conflict universe are already here to decorate your desktop!

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“The splendid seven” PvE marathon16 June 2022

Attention all pilots! The UMC received an emergency contract from the so-called Broker.

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Dark secrets. Stage one. Special bundles and rewards16 June 2022

To gain access to all rewards, pilots must purchase the “Dark Secrets. Stage one” pass. The pass can be purchased at the official project store.

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Star Conflict 1.10.7 Dark secrets. Stage one16 June 2022

UMC engineers are conducting final checks on the Jericho’s latest cover ops interceptor, Kusarigama. The ship will be available to all mercenaries very soon!

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Deal of the Day! 30% off Stingray ship components!15 June 2022

Special offer is valid for a limited time and ends on June 16!

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[Holiday Special] 50% off Premium License bundles! Experience bonuses!10 June 2022

Pilots, the weekend begins! Time to prepare your fleet for new victories!

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UMC declares Gold Battles!10 June 2022

Pilots! UMC announces the start of ‘Gold Battles’. Every pilot can earn up to 500 Galactic Standards for winning battles!

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