22 October 2012

Voices of a distant Stars

One week has passed since a pilot from the Empire Fleet discovered a strange signal on a communication frequency which isn’t used by any faction.

So far we don’t have accurate information about the current place of the frigate or about the coordinates at the moment of receiving the signal. Moreover we do not know what happened to the frigate after receiving the signal. We are sending the signal an all known frequencies to warn all pilots out there.

Now all reports about abnormal signals and happenings are very important for us. All of us could be under threat.


"Log entry 1745.

Something is happening on the ship, something really strange….

The entire crew is panicked…. the dread is hunting us all… with every breath we take we lose more and more of our mind….It is getting darker around us…

Statement from the Navigator: after the nightmare of the abandoned docks Kvinta-26 he believes that we are doomed in the shadows ... and that's the second week, we circled around the sun …. The radiation is attacking our bodies and the hopelessness our mind.

I do not believe anyone not even the navigation systems.

Yesterday we made a flight through sector 1340. I've never seen so many dead Federation ships ... crumbled ships in an iridium field together with their crew members. Now my beloved frigate is full of blood ... Our skin is so frozen we are too scared to start the cleaning drones.

I introduced a curfew, but the latter belief in discipline melted away after the suicide of a younger mechanic.

We are drifting through endless space…through the darkness….towards a faceless nightmare in the shadows…

Next entry-22 October. Oh Emperor, give me strength..."

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