23 October 2012

The secret of a mysterious record will be revealed

Attention Pilots! Sometimes life brings us so some surprises and sometimes they are like nightmares!

Yesterday you received a disturbing radio signal from the commander of an Empire frigate.
We still don't have any reliable information about happenings on the ship.
Therefore we are requesting your help!

We are still looking for possible witnesses to these terrible events, as well as fearless explorers, who are willing to recover and finish the Chronicle.
Where did the ship jump to and what dangers are in the darkness? What caused the tragic death of the federation ships?
Are there still some people alive on the frigate and if yes, will they find their way back home?

Conditions for the event:
Write a story (Sci-Fi), which will restore the bloody events in sector 1340. Tell us about the fate of the Commander of the frigate, whose voice we heard on the record.
The competition is timed to the mystical Halloween day.
It will last from 23 to 30 October.
On October 31st we will read your stories and decide, which one is the most scaring.

Rules for submitting stories:
Each of you can submit only one story.
The amount of words should not exceed 6000 characters without spaces.
You need to put the story into this topic.

Award for the best story: 6666 Gold Standards.
Prize for the second place: 4666 Gold Standards.
Reward for the third place: 2666 Gold Standards.

Enter your ships and be prepared to face your worst nightmare!

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