26 October 2012

Patch Star Conflict v0.6.0 - Jericho has come

With the release of a fresh patch the most secret, mysterious, and therefore dangerous of races - Jericho appeared.

In addition to the entry of a third faction which is thirsting to get all secrets of ancient race of Precursors, the patch has a lot of other interesting changes. In particular, the new location Anomaly of Pandora's orbit became available.

Another innovationof the patch -  appearance of a new game mode, allowing to fight in a new direction.

Star Conflict OBT v0.6.0. List of changes:

General changes
* A third race, Jericho, joins the conflict along with its factions: Raid and Techs. Detailed description of the Jericho ships can be found further down the change list.
* A new element added to the main screen, showing the win ratio for all the sides of the conflict.
* Optimized the size and structure of the game client (up to 1,2 Gb). Because of this, the game client will be re-downloaded from the launcher.
* Added a new battleground "Pandora orbit anomaly".
* Added a new game mode "Control".
* Reworked the mechanics of weapons, with a detailed description found further down the list.
* Now you can buy any number of ships of the same type.
* A new section added to the shop, where you can buy forged documents, allowing you to change your character's race at any time.
* As an experiment, there is now only one control mode, with a significantly increased maneuverability of all ships. The control mode switch button now allows the player to rotate the camera around the ship.

Game modes: General
* The Game mode is selected at random, when the players queue for a "battle" and a game session is created.

Game Mode: Control
* There are only 3 beacons in this game mode.
* Initially, the beacons are neutral.
* You must capture the beacons by approaching them.
* When a beacon is captured by one of the sides, it releases defence drones.
* A hostile beacon can be recaptured when all its defence drones are destroyed.
* The more beacons a team captures, the faster the sector control meter is filled. The first team to reach 100% wins.

Game Mode: Capture
* Now, in the case of equal amount of beacons captured by the teams, victory is determined by the amount of destroyed ships.

Game balance: General
* Reduced the cost of faction change.
* Increased the maximum size of the hangar.
* Increased the maximum size of the warehouse

Ships: General
* Jericho ships general features:
- Strong shields.
- Slightly higher speed than that of Imperial ships (but lower than that of the Federation ships).
* Reworked the engine glow of different races, with the colours now corresponding to the race.
* Added exhaust trails for all ships, which can be adjusted in the options menu.
* Increased the speed of target-locking enemy ships.
* Auto hull repair removed from all ships.
* Increased energy consumption for afterburners.
* Slightly reduced hull durability for all the Empire ships, but increased damage.
* Recovery rate for the shields now depends on the overall energy level of the ship.
* The ship's radar now shows the same area its sensors can see.
* Upon afterburner activation, all of the ship's engines, including thrusters, start working in emergency mode, which greatly improves the speed and agility of the ship in the desired direction, but raises the energy consumption.

Ships: Interceptors
* Added a class module for Jericho interceptors, "Field of unstable energy":
- The interceptor stops and generates a field of unstable energy around itself, absorbing any type of damage. After a while, the field detonates, temporarily disabling all electronics in the area.
- Faction modification for Raid: Longer reach of effects on the enemy ships.
- Faction modification for Techs: Increased the duration of enemy systems scrambling.
* All interceptors now have an increased rate of beacon capture  (+35% to the base speed).

Ships: Fighters
* Added a class module for Jericho fighters, "Phase Shield":
- Jericho fighters' shields always operate with increased resistance to a particular type of damage. The pilot may change the type of resistance at any time.
- Faction modification for Raid: part of the energy from absorbed damage is directed to powering the ship's weapon systems.
- Faction modification for Techs: Part of the energy from absorbed damage is directed to powering the ship's repair systems.

Ships: Frigates
* Added a class module for Jericho frigates, "Guided torpedo":
- The pilot can manually aim a special powerful torpedo.
- Faction modification for Raid: Increased torpedo speed.
- Faction modification for Techs: Increased torpedo damage.
* All frigates now have a lower rate of beacon capture (-20% from base speed).

Weapons and modules: General
* Ship's weapons no longer consume energy.
* Ship's modules now have increased power consumption.
* All the weapons now have various new shooting mechanics, such as:
- Overheating: Prolonged shooting leads to the guns overheating and requiring some time to cool down.
- Charge boost: If you hold down the fire key, a charged shot starts building up. When you release the key, the weapons shoot a charged projectile.
- Spread: After prolonged shooting, weapon spread increases significantly.
- Slower barrels: Large guns modifications now have a slowed rotation of the barrel, with the hit point being different from the aim.
THIS IS IMPORTANT! Assault modifications of weapons are the closest to the old mechanics, and it is recommended to start adapting through using such modifications.

Weapons and modules: Railgun
* Assault Railgun: Effective at medium range, moderate damage, overheating, spread.
* High-velocity Railgun: Effective at close range, high damage, charge boost.
* Stabilized Railgun: Effective at long range, moderate damage, instant overheating, spread.
* Heavy Railgun: Effective at medium range, high damage, overheating.

Weapons and modules: Plasma
* Assault plasma: Effective at medium range, high damage, overheating.
* High-velocity plasma: Effective at close range, high damage, spread.
* Plasma "Hail": Effective at long range, moderate damage, charge boost.
* Heavy plasma: Effective at medium range, high damage, overheating, charge boost, slow barrels.

Weapons and moduless: Lasers
* Assault Lasers: Effective at medium range, moderate damage, overheating.
* Economy Lasers: Effective at close range, above average damage, overheating.
* Long-range lasers: Effective at long range, moderate damage, overheating, slow barrels.
* Heavy Lasers: Effective at medium ranges, above average damage, overheating, slow barrels.

Weapons and units: Missiles
* Rockets, destroyed by the missile defence modules, no longer detonate.

Weapons and modules: Class Modules
* "Disintegrator" damage increased by 5%

Weapons and modules: Support Modules
* Repair modules now have high recovery time
* Added "Advanced Capacitors" Mk1, Mk2 to the shop.
* Reduced effectiveness of "Aegis".

Interface: General
* Added a short display of the ship's destruction location, as well as the enemy that destroyed it.
* Added colour grading of the quality of modules and weapons.
* Reworked icons for modules and ships.
* Added icons for space debris.
* To compare items in the shop with the currently equipped ones, mouse over them and press the 'Shift' key.

Interface: HUD
* Redesigned the interface that displays the battle's progress:
- The top line now shows the number of destroyed ships, as well as the team score for the new gameplay mechanics.
- The bottom line shows the status of beacons and their drones.
* Changed the way the player list is displayed:
- Effectiveness points are now displayed.
- The player's status is displayed.
- Adjustable size of the list.

Interface: Chat
* Added additional buttons to adjust the size of the chat window.

Contracts: General
* Added new contracts for Jericho factions.
* The contracts show the time when they can be repeated.
* Applied restrictions to the technological level of ships, allowed to fulfill contracts, starting from the 7th rank. For details on the restrictions for each contract, check the "Note" section.

Battlegrounds: General
* Corrected the size of "deserter zone" for all battlegrounds.

Battlegrounds: Pandora orbit anomaly
* Anomaly, located on the battlefield, damages the ships that enter its range.

* The Ctrl key is used to activate free view.

Sound and Music: General
* Improvements in sound balance.

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