20 December 2012

Star Conflict OBT v.0.6.5

Meet the new Mission mode - "Shipyard defence."

This mode is the beginning of the upcoming storyline. So, today, we would like to tell you more about this mode.
In this mode, you have to protect the construction site of a dreadnought against enemy sabotage. AI-controlled ships are your enemies, coming in waves.

The strength of these waves is not equal, they unevenly alternate, with a strong wave replaced by a weak one and so forth. Waves arrive in rounds with four rounds in total. In the fourth round, you will meet the most powerful enemy - "The Punisher" - a T5 ship with unique abilities. Keep in mind that the technological level of enemies does not depent on the technological level of the player, so they may even be stronger than you! But is even more interesting this way!
There are also three monitoring stations on the map. Enemies try to capture them to disrupt the construction of the dreadnought. In order to win back the territory, you have to go through all the rounds, destroy enemies and protect at least one control station. Please note that your allotted time is limited!
Not an easy task? It's just right for you, space explorers!

To learn more information about the new patch, please? chech up the forum.
Go for it!



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