24 March 2016

Star Conflict 1.3.4

From now on, in PvP, PvE and Co-op modes in ‘trophy search’ after the battle you can find such rare resources as neodium and beryllium needed for construction of destroyers. To get the right resources, pilots need to take into battle fully levelled ships of the same rank as the destroyers they plan to assemble. Also, now destroyers can not only repair allies in battle but also themselves!


Trophy search in PvP, PvE and Co-op

From now on, in PvP, PvE and Co-op modes in ‘trophy search’ after the battle you can find such rare resources as neodium and beryllium needed for construction of ships.

  • Resource level now depends on all ships taken into battle;
  • Starting with rank 6 any ships can get resources required for ship manufacturing in post-battle trophy search;
  • MkIV Upgrade kits will only appear for ships with maximum synergy level;
  • Ships with maximum synergy level can also get the following resources in battles:
    • Monocrystals (For maxed ships starting with rank 7);
    • Neodium (For maxed ships of rank 8);
    • Beryllium (For maxed ships of rank 11);
  • The number of trophy search attemps has been reduced to 2 in Co-op mode. Players with premium licenses still get two additional attempts.


Thus, players can get all resources required for manufacturing destroyers by playing all the game modes: PvP, PvE and Co-op.



Changed the way of obtaining resources for destroyer manufacturing.

Increased ore requirements for plates:

  • One beryllium plate now requires 10 ore units;
  • One neodium plate now requires 10 ore units.


All players with neodium and beryllium ore in storage at the moment of update will have their ore reserves increased proportionally.



UMC engineers are offering new repair drones for your destroyers! Pilots can now use repair drones instead of static barriers. After launching the drone starts to restore the hull of the damaged destroyer or an ally within a radius of 300 meters from the destroyer.

Heavy repair drones are available to all rank 8 and rank 11 destroyers.
Heavy repair drones can be installed in the slot for rocket ammunition instead of a static barrier.
Heavy repair drones are active for one battle.


Sector conquest

With this update we are significantly changing the system of rewards for participation in corporate battles in ‘Sector conquest’. Now rewards are given out not through game-mail, but for active participation in PvP battles. Each corporation pilot must now choose a reward and get it after winning a PvP battle.

Rewards are now handed out through a special token system. Every day, every pilot will be able to receive the reward as many times as there are tokens in locations owned by his corporation. To receive the reward, the pilot has to select a location on the ‘Corporation battles’ map. Then you have to win a PvP battle for any location of the same rank or higher than the selected one. Each victory spends one token and gives the pilot a reward from the chosen location. Each pilot can only see their personal tokens on the map. If a pilot uses all tokens — this is his maximum daily reward.

  • Each player has to select a location from the ones belonging to his corporation;
    • It can also be selected on the corporation battles map;
    • This is also where you can see rewards from locations;
    • Each location has special tokens;
  • Pilot need to fight in PVP mode and win a battle. The battle can be in any location, but not below the rank of the selected location on the map;
  • You can take turns throughout the day with multiple locations, participate in battles in PvP mode and receive rewards assigned to locations while you have tokens;
  • A token is spent after battle only if the pilot wins and gets a reward.


Each location owned by a corporation gives its pilots a limited number of special daily tokens. In corporation battles map's location information you can always see how many tokens you have at the moment. You can only get rewards from a location if you have a valid token. Each location offers pilots a different number of tokens. The number of tokens depends on location durability:

  • If a location has 0-25 durability pts., you get 1 token per day;
  • If a location has 25-50 durability pts., you get 2 tokens per day;
  • If a location has 50-75 durability pts., you get 3 tokens per day;
  • If a location has 75+ durability pts., you get 4 tokens per day.


In the future, the number of daily tokens available for corporation pilots may be changed depending on the number of owned locations, the player's rank, corporation level and other parameters.


Co-op mode

Important changes have been made to Co-op mode. It is now available to a larger number of pilots flying at different ranks. And in the battles you will now be able to meet destroyers under AI control:

  • Co-op mode is now also available for rank 10-12 pilots;
  • Co-op battles from rank 6 to rank 12 will have AI-controlled destroyers.



Destroyed ship mark in PvE is now removed as soon as it's restored by an ally.
Corporate leaderboards now show pilots with zero rating values.
During manufacturing special module parameters now display characteristics with regards to weapons installed by default.
Improved sound effects.
Removed arena friends filter.
Improved graphics.
Improved ammunition selection window.
Improved ‘safe exit’ open space message.
Tweaked AI difficulty in several PvE missions.
PvE missions are now divided by the following ranks: 1-5, 6-10, 11-15.


Bug fixes

Fixed model bug with ‘Osprey’.
Fixed model bug with ‘Piranha-B2’.
Fixed model bug with ‘Katana’.
Fixed a bug in debriefing for Team Battle.
Improved several battlegrounds and hangars.
Fixed a bug with the ‘Send application’ button for closed corporations.
Fixed a disintegrator firing spot on ‘Kraken’.
Fixed various text strings.
Fixed karma value calculations for kills with drones.
Fixed a rare store bug.
Fixed a bug with Guided torpedo together with a rank 6 weapon dealing more damage than with a rank 7 weapon.
Fixed mirroring stickers on destroyers.
Fixed squad queue errors in Co-op mode.
Fixed display errors for several achievements.
Fixed ‘Ion Emitter’ description.
Added energy drain to ‘Static Shield’ description.
You can now see premium ship bonuses affecting parameters.
Improved ‘Metastable Field’ description.


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