1 April 2016

Star Conflict 1.3.33 ½

This week, we have decided to please you with important changes in the game. We have long been working on destroyers and overlooked some important moments of the game. It is time to correct the situation.

Today it became known that a very dangerous computer virus has infected all UMC systems. As a result of the failure all shipyards automatically replaced weapons of mercenaries with new models that have not yet passed the tests. Any weapons is now dangerous for pilots! Engineers are trying to restore the computer systems from the mysterious infection, but this requires time. According to some reports, the notorious Miss Summer may be involved! There is a theory that victory over the virus depends on the amount of time spent fighting. We are hoping for your help!


Weekly Tournaments

The unknown computer virus has also infected the names of the teams in the weekly tournament. We hope for a speedy remedy!


Open Space

Some players complained that during collisions with asteroids ship receive different damage, because their surface is uneven and there are subtle ledges. We decided to change the shape of asteroids to smooth perfect cubes. Now you always know how much durability you’re going to lose.

‘Antipirate’ system that automatically destroyed all attacking players has been removed from the game since nobody ever used it.



Players often complain that sometimes matchmaking creates unbalanced teams, and one of them loses. We have made the following fixes aimed at preserving balance in battle:

After the loss of one of your allies a random enemy will be automatically destroyed. Priority targets are ships that are the farthest from your destroyed ally.

Matchmaking will always strive to add more players to already won, even if the battle is over.



Players still have no idea how to fight against destroyers. We are acknowledging that, and in this update we replaced all the ships with destroyers.

Now to build your first ship you need to find parts manually. To this end, we have created a new class of ships: space suit.


New role — Space suit

Allows flying in any zones. It has rank 1 and is given to each player.


Active modules

All figures below are Mk3 class modules:


Suction cup

Active time — permanent.
Energy consumption — 2 units / sec.
Mechanics: fixes the suit on a ship's surface. You will always remain fixed in position relative to the center of the enemy ship.


Burning Chair

Active time — 10 seconds.
Cooldown — 20 seconds.
Energy consumption — 50 units.
Mechanics: when activated, automatically writes everything that you think about your teammate in game chat. In Open Space it automatically switches to upper case.



Active time — Instant.
Cooldown — 1 sec.
Energy consumption — 12 units.
Mechanics: when activated, shows an uncultured gesture with its left hand, and then all ships lose control, lock you and automatically try to destroy you.


Special module — ‘Wield crowbar’

Active time — 10 seconds.
Cooldown — 58 seconds.
Energy consumption — 92 units.
Damage — 621 per second.
Range — 100 meters.
Unique feature: takes control of any ship destroyed by this module. Only direct kills count.

Can also be used to extract resources. To do this, apply special module to an asteroid or ship remains. If the module is active all the time, a resource appears in your cargo hold.


Additional Modules

With this update we are introducing three new consumables.



All kills from both teams at the end of the battle are recorded to your account.
Assists are given to whoever you like.
The module makes it possible to like yourself at the end of the battle.
Likes from all other players, including bots, are forcibly given to you.
After the battle you have the option to pick any favorite trophy from any of the teams.
During each trophy search after the battle you also get a few random medals.
MM does not balance two owners of this consumable in one battle.
Price — free.
Active time — infinitely.
Prerequisite  highly exaggerated CDA (self importance).



Price — 400 Galactic Standards.
Active time — 3 battles.
Mechanics. Significantly lowers your balance weight, putting you against the less experienced enemies.



Price — 220 000 credits.
Active time — 3 battle.
Mechanics: if the enemy has a player with a Balanciator, you will be put into his team.



Is almost intact.


Bug fixes

Absent due to the large amount of new content.


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