18 January 2013

Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.2

The new Star Conflict patch sees further development and improvement of the corporations. We added the ability to expand your corporations. The set of corporation ratings has been expanded with such new categories as PvP and PvE performance. We also added tags (abbreviations) for corporations. Add a tag to your name and everyone will know whose side you are on!


The new patch also brings long-awaited changes to pilot development screen! Technologies are now combined into universal "implants" and each side of the conflict is pleased to provide you with their own unique sets.


Pick your unique combination of implants and you won't leave the enemy a chance to win!


For our experienced and brave pilots flying T3 and T4 ships, we added a new mission - "Maintenance shop defence", where players have to protect hiddenl repair facilities, located in an asteroid belt. It is a difficult scenario, but it will test the strength of the most fearless pilots!


We would be grateful if you expressed your opinions about tthis patch!


For a complete list of changes, visit the game forum.

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