31 January 2013

Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.4

New map of battles!

The cold expanse of space hides many secrets, but only a few of them are destined to draw the attention of the rulers of the most powerful organizations in the universe.

Representatives of all three superpowers aggregate in the newly discovered system of Troy next to an asteroid belt, containing an rare, metal that has never been seen before. This metal is hidden in the depths of icy asteroids and tempered by the presence of the dying gas giant. Will one of the races seize the stocks of this unusual metal? Is it possible that the metal will determine the outcome of all wars, and advance the study of Precursors?

It's up to you to decide in heated battles on the new map "Ice reef!"



New mission!

Mindful of the repeated attempts by mercenaries to sabotage Dreadnoughts, we made a gift for those of you thirsting for revenge - a New PvE scenario!

Even the most powerful organizations of the universe can not afford to keep secret the movements of their most powerful warships. Pilots, you have a rare opportunity to disrupt the enemy corporation's repairs of a Dreadnought. During the raid, designed for entry-level ships, your attack group has to fulfill a daring plan, consisting of three stages.

Disable the security systems and, before the enemy comes to its senses, destroy the Dreadnought's weapon system - it's not going to be back in action any time soon!

But hold up! Information from anonymous sources reports that the Dreadnought is defended by a fleet of ships under control of artificial intelligence. As far as we know, "electronic pilots" defending the object are equipped with modules that adapt to the tactics of the enemy, so expect growing resistance as you approach your goal - the destruction of new missile systems installed on the upper deck of the Dreadnought.

Try your hand in the new Mission "Sabotage"!

We would be grateful if you tried the new PvE scenario and delivered your opinion in the comments section.  


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