14 February 2013

Star Conflict patch OBT v 0.7.6: Freedom of Choice

One year of testing has passed now with most of our players having their own wishes and their own vision of the game.Some of these wishes have come true and others will be fulfilled in the future.Today we give you the possibility to set up your own key bindings.
Get the most comfortable configuration and go blow up some ships!
Furthermore, your opinion is very important to us! With today's update you will find a vote panel in the game where we will be asking you to voice your opinion, and all the participants will be getting some rewards.
Did you enjoy our latest map "Ice Reef"? Surprise! We got another new map for you called "The Source". Will you be one of the first pilots to conquer the new sector? But don't be too careless, we can't tell you which dangers are waiting for you in this sector.

The game already has a large variety of different modules and today it gets a very special module called Warp Gate. Most of you will have your own ideas on this name, but will they be correct? We'll see in the game!

And of course there are more bug fixes and balance tweaks. But now it's time to play, so check out the full patch log on the forum and ready your ships.

Don't forget to leave your comments here and on our forums.

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