15 December 2016

Project Evolution. Section 502, block RG7


Cryptogram BBIМ14-100521

From: Head of ‘Ellidium Theta’ security service Natasha Cortés
To: Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr.Conrad Dimeni
Subject: Re: Project Evolution



Investigation of the incident in section 502, block RG7 of station ‘Ellydium Theta’ has concluded. The explosion was a result of a conjunction of several important circumstances.

According to an internal investigation, during experiments on the interaction of cesium atoms with the surface of a ‘control sample’, gross violation of safety led to an uncontrollable chain reaction, followed by a release of energy and dangerous radiation.

Around the same time, a forceful entry attempt was detected at the object through the ‘Far mines’ route. A group of mercenaries managed to land on the surface of the object, break through to the tunnel, capture a train and board the station cargo terminal. The group was isolated in block R12G6, but one of the power substations which was connected to the section 502 of block RG7 was damaged as a result of the fight. Momentary power failure led to a reset of the controlling server. Data from some of the sensors was no longer taken into account during experiments control in the block. The backup protection system failed to stop the experiment early.

Technicians were fully involved in operations to counter attack Jericho hacker groups attempting to access the station's internal servers. They managed to penetrate the internal network. The signal, which was supposed to disable the internal protection circuits and open access to classified information, was intercepted by the latest security system ‘Green Ice’. Part of the signal changed significantly and was able to break through to the information systems of AI research complexes and overload  maintenance circuits. Due to sloppiness and incompetence of the system administration group, there were no backup security systems in place, which resulted in a cascade of uncontrolled xenocrystal growth.

We were able to track down the group. To prevent leaks we had to destroy the group, along with an ‘Ellydium’ cargo ship, which they camouflaged as in Leviathan system.

Elimination of the mercenary and Jericho groups distracted virtually the entire Security staff. Control over the experiment on the part of Security Service was greatly weakened.We are now conducting an internal investigation. There is a suspicion that it's not accidental all these events took place almost at the same time. Perhaps there is a mole among the station's staff.

Only my personal intervention and reserve group participation allowed to localize and stop further spread of xenocrystals, eliminate the consequences and save valuable scientific data. The Scientific Council considers that only through this data we managed to obtain the technology that has turned around all our ideas about the construction of warships.

Head of ‘Ellidium Theta’ security service Natasha Cortés

P.S. The work on the main station gate is virtually completed. The opening of the gates will be held as scheduled.


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