New Eden station

Long before the war, the station was founded by the Expeditionary Corps to control the settlement of the system and create a central control station.

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Abandoned beacon

Now it's just ruins of abandoned Federation buildings and the wreckage of the dead transport fleet. Occasionally marauders and aliens scour this zone.

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Control post

Earlier, before the Invasion, the checkpoint of the Olympus system was valuable only as a safe way to the repair shops of the Federation. Now it's just asteroids and debris.

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Vanguard outpost

This outpost was conceived as the main military base for ensuring the safety of scientific laboratories in the Erebus system. Vanguard fighters personally watched over the construction process.

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Research center

This center was rebuilt and upgraded in the year 4611, and became the most important research station in the area of “New Eden”. Despite the Invasion, the complex continues to operate to this day.

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Barter zone

It is sad to see how the Federation turns into a shark tank, where everyone just wants to snatch a piece of the prize. Is this the freedom we fought for?

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Smugglers Hideout

An imperial proverb says: “You'd be hard-pressed to find a Fed that does not trade with his enemies”. The “New Eden” station was still under construction when smuggling and trade of stolen military resources were already actively conducted in the neighbouring systems.

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Base “Huron”

The former outpost on the orbit of the gas giant in the system SY3176-GIII-A4 was rebuilt many times and took on its current form relatively recently, when a special expedition from Erebus took up excavations in the system.

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Terminal D

The luxuriously equipped “Terminal D” used to receive VIPs arriving on the planet. But lately, so much has happened that everyone seemed to have forgotten about the original purpose of this orbital station.

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Water Harvest

A complex of enterprises, the official purpose of which is large-scale collection, purification and transportation of water to the hub worlds of the Federation.

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