Eastern mining station

Currently, after the Invasion and the war, it is a large mining hub near the Ceres system. It is better protected than the northern station, so life here is calmer. It is said that local miners were able to infiltrate a giant structure nearby, obtained some tech and did not want to share it.

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Northern mining station

A small mining town built near a remarkable site of ancient times. In addition to the usual ore in the rock, torn by this object from the surface of the planet, there are interesting finds and even iridium crystals.

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Destroyed Station

 the height of the Iridium Fever, when corporations sent expeditions to all unknown sectors and systems, the Empire's reconnaissance probe discovered the ruins of ancient civilizations in the outer Corsa Triama system.

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Excavation area №6

One of the expeditions sponsored by Ellydium found a promising object — almost the entire skeleton of a previously unknown race. Unfortunately, not far away were the active portals of the Shining.

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Initially, Sci-Tech Universal built this orbital city as the main place of life and relaxation for employees of secret laboratories.

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Foul ground

At the beginning of the development of the system, one of the Sci-Tech Universal subsidiaries received a contract for the construction of a universal orbital plant for processing rare resources. But even at the stage of installation of the main farms, the company encountered a number of difficulties.

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Initially, Sci-Tech Universal built a research complex with a unique particle accelerator here. The complex and the accelerator did not start working, although they were almost completely ready.

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Skeleton Island

The management of Sci-Tech Universal is in a critical situation, when pirates claimed their rights to the Artuga system, abandoned their people, stepping aside from the problem and evacuating only key employees.

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Captain Kidd's anchorage

Sci-Tech Universal has long been suspected of having close ties to pirates. Many pirate groups arrived in Artuga to complete tasks.

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Northern berth

The Artuga system was discovered by Sci-Tech Universal's recon team. The leadership of this young, but promising corporation was looking for a secluded place for experiments with weapons and military technology.

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