Pallas system

Pallas system had been under Mendes family's protection for a long time. And during that period it has grown from a small colony to a large administrative hub. Discovery of iridium deposits made the family take asteroid mining seriously and provide maximum defenses for the system.

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Pride system

For a long period of time, Pride system was nothing more than another uninhabited and inhospitable place near the ‘Guardian-17’ station. With the discovery and settling of Cade system, Pride became a hub for trade and transport routes, which attracted the attention of pirates and raiders.

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Ice pits

A very important industrial facility ‘Ice Pits’ produces a variety of basic materials required for the functioning of the life support system at ‘New Eden’.

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Depot 15

Object SCP-4615, known as ‘Depot 15’ has long been considered an ordinary warehouse with mining equipment. However, recent investigations revealed that information about it was classified in the archives of the Empire and the Federation.

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Omega station

Station Omega used to be a major Federation hub. The station's basic functions are still working at full capacity. Pirates tried to ransack ‘Omega’ many times, yet none of those who walked into the station came back alive.

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Leviathan catacombs

The terrifying Leviathan. From a distance it could be mistaken for a small moon. But that's no moon, it's a space station. Leviathan was created as a factory for mining Iridium from the depths of living planets-Bions. But it has the power to destroy entire fleets and worlds.

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Northstar crash site

An ancient service station, lost in low orbit of the planet Naberia-526, that would have remained abandoned, if it were not for an emergency.

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Ontregos system

A fringe system under the Empire's protection. It had originally been planned as a location for several mercenary transfer stations, but within 2 years of exploration the system yielded rich mineral deposits, that imperials immediately started developing and managed transit routes as well as refuelling stations for cargo ships.

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New Ceres system

New Ceres system has long been the center of attention because of an ancient structure orbiting Ceres-3. Many researchers have tried to identify the purpose of this structure, but strong interference and gravitational anomalies do not allow them to study it in detail.

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Processing Rig

This mining station still belongs to the Federation, despite regular Cartel raids fended off by the mercenaries. Despite the importance of the station, the Federation, is unwilling to strengthen the defense for unknown reasons, and only allows the mercenaries to carry out sweeps.

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