Leviathan. Catacombs

Horrific Leviathan. From a distance it can be mistaken for a small moon. But that’s no moon, it’s a space station. Leviathan was created as a factory for mining Iridium from the depths of living planets-Bions.

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When the Cybers began to install the gates that sent ships to Alien worlds, some of the gates led to a place filled with energy coming from a mysterious alien artifact called the “Inverter”. 

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Fort Muerto

The Vega system has been a stronghold of pirates who created a fortified Muerto base here for decades. All criminals of the sector ranging from organized criminal groups to market pickpockets are here to pay respect and beg for protection from the pirate Baron who rules Fort Muerto.

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Sorting facility

During the expansion of Jericho into the Pallas system, many rich in ore asteroids were discovered in neighboring systems.Development began almost immediately after the construction of the station “Mendes-IX”, and it continues to this day.

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Another world. System: Shining

Scientists have not yet come to a consensus on whether this world is another universe or unexplored corner of our own. Either way, the artifacts obtained in battles with Aliens don’t give a reason to doubt that this world is native to them. 

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The greatest discovery in the history of mankind” — this is how the ruins of Precursor civilization in Antaress are described.

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Monolith remains

The majestic Monolith, the drifting colony of the Jericho Liu family, the pride of the Departed fleet.

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Abandoned complex

The ruins in this area have long been mapped as one of the monuments of a dead civilization. Researchers have not been able to understand what they were created for. 

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Ancient ruins

The Antaress system is probably one of the most famous and mysterious systems of the Fringe sectors. It was in this system that the famous “Ancient Ruins” and the so-called “Temple” were found - cyclopean artifacts of the Precursor civilization.

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The source

The Procssima system is one of the best for finding ancient artifacts. It still attracts the attention of the most influential forces of the galaxy, and this zone was no exception.

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