Proving ground "Nova-31"

For the past decades Proving Ground "Nova-31" was the main place of testing all new ships and weapons, but eventually the tests moved to a specially equipped stataion and "Nova-31" became the property of UMC.

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Iridium haul

The war with Aliens hit the Jericho systems — Iridium Haul was almost completely demolished. The system used to house numerous warehouses and a Jericho outpost.

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Tracking station

A tragedy occurred in the Empire's location ‘Tracking Station’. Once it was a common communication station used to transmit information from the hub sectors. During the Invasion the station was severely damaged by Aliens, and pirates immediately took to looting its equipment.

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Abandoned beacon

Federation Command planned to place the station ‘New Eden’ in this zone, and even set up a beacon to coordinate the fleet, but large numbers of asteroids made it impossible to launch the construction of necessary scale.

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Gas harvest station

One of the numerous border locations of Pallas sector under Jericho control. As follows from the name — various corporations are busy procuring gas and other elements essential for the industry out of the nearby planet’s higher atmosphere.

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Pallas border

Pallas sector border location. Jericho destroyed cruiser carcass is floating in this zone.

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Water harvest

Has a large-scale production facility with docks for big ships, that used to provide all the necessary resources to the Federation's army. During the Alien invasion, all fortifications of the docks were destroyed.

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Ice belt

Taking advantage of its large fleet of heavy ships Cartel launched a massive attack against the Federation. What they didn’t know is that a third party was already prepared to strike as well - aliens. Cartel’s flagship was heavily damaged during the attack bringing invasion to a halt.

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Pandora orbit anomaly

Pandora is full of mysteries. One of them is a mysterious object in the orbit of the planet, whose discovery, as it often happens, made the explorers sacrifice their lives in the name of science and progress.

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Blackwood shipyard

Right at the beginning of alien invasion Blackwood corporation lost control over its new experimental shipyard operated by artificial intelligence. Investigation followed, revelaing that AI was affected by some kind of virus.

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