Dreadnought Debris

Pandora remains one of the greatest mysteries in the known universe. The surface of this celestial body is covered with liquid lava-like substance, which acts like a cap that keeps energy inside the star and does not allow it to glow. Many attempts have been made to study Pandora. 

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Warden Outpost Ruins

For centuries, the Felony system housed important scientific laboratories, including top secret structures. Wardens, a military order of the Empire, organized an outpost here just a few months before the invasion and researched something, occasionally sending patrols to neighbouring zones.

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Collapsed Laboratory

Before the war this sector had one of the imperial scientific laboratories, deployed to study the planets. The object had virtually no protection, so the staff escaped during the invasion. The buildings were destroyed by aliens, who also destroyed all living things in the zone.

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Early during the invasion Imperials received information from the Warden outpost, that Cyber transport ships were converging on the Wasteland, presumably to construct new gates.

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Felony Border

Enterprising pilots organized a refueling and distribution station at the Felony border. Their services are needed by everyone, which means that nobody touches them even in this dangerous space. But the bandits who came from the Republic of Separate Worlds, erected several outposts on the border. They are obviously trying to take the system under their control.

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‘Blackwood’ Shipyard

This is the sector where one of the most famous shipyards of the corporation ‘Blackwood’ is located. Known for the fact that Ariadne AI was developed here, which brought its creators to a new level on the global market.

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Raider Range

At a time when the Empire was not yet sufficiently entrenched in the neighboring sector, the Kayeed system was the main gathering point for pirates, bandits and other scum.

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Imperial Transport Hub

Before the war, there were service stations that served the transports going to Ontregos from other systems of the Empire. It was a kind of crossroads of all neighbouring trade and transit routes. A very busy place, where you could always refuel, rest and trade.

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Iridium Mines

Here you can find the only mobile processing station in the sector that survived after the war with the Aliens. Imperial Command sent its best engineers for the construction of mines and processing stations in this zone, and in just 6 months the mining began. 

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Ontregos Pass

After the discovery of iridium in Ontregos sector, the miners began to survey the remaining asteroid clusters near the station ‘Guardian-17’.

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