Erebus system

Erebus System was settled many years ago as one of the main trade hubs of the sector. It was full of warehouses, manufacturing plants for various kinds of tech, trucker parks and lawyer offices... everything required for effective trading.

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Pandora system

In ancient times, Pandora system was actively used by the extinct civilization of Precursors as a testing ground and an energy source. This is evidenced by a huge number of anomalies and zones still unreachable by any ships, although there were many attempts.

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Procssima system

Proxima is under Jericho jurisdiction, which does not prevent Imperial and Federal corporations from sending scientific expeditions and mercenaries. The system looks especially interesting for corporations due to a large number of dead civilizations' ruins and mysterious objects.

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Naberia-392 complex

We have received a distress signal from the complex ‘Naberia-392’. A UMC Reconnaissance Squad is requesting fire support. Our people are conducting an investigation at the plant. They are looking for a connection between the plant and the dangerous criminal Miss Summer. They've just informed us about an attack of unknown ships.

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Velorum system

This is a densely populated system under control of the Federation. It houses many mines and processing rigs of all kinds. In fact, Velorum is one of the most valuable systems of Federation, and because of this it's often attacked.

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Felony system

For centuries, the Felony system housed major scientific laboratories, including top secret ones, and the Warden outpost destroyed during the Alien invasion was the main base of the order in this sector.

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Solaris system

Solaris system was discovered by the recon team of Mendess family and marked as a potential location of future colonies.

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Ancient ruins

Troy is a huge graveyard of abandoned Precursor stations. Giant structures of unknown purpose, ominously lit with greenish hues of Troy's argon light, evoke primal fear in the minds of everyone.

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‘The greatest discovery in the history of mankind’ — this is how the ruins of Precursor civilization in Troy are described. The tombstone of a bygone civilization, ancient structures frozen on the orbits of the system's planets. This is the first tangible proof of the existence of those who came before us.

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Monolith remains

Majestic Monolith, a drifting Jericho colony of the Liu family, the pride of the Departed’s fleet. Monolith used to carry weapons comparable with a whole fleet, and its population was not inferior to some planetary colonies. Although It was not the largest Jericho city, Monolith was considered a holy place.

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