Stripped deposits

Previously, this site was one of the first iridium deposits discovered in Pallas, but after several years of active mining, it has completely outlived itself.

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The outpost was designed as a kind of checkpoint for the only safe transit route out of the Procssima system. With each year, the location’s defences have had to be increased due to the growing threat from Cybers and the significance of the nearby Gas Harvest Station.

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Transport hub

With the development of mining in Pallas, there has been a shortage of fueling stations and transshipment points for transport vessels. It was decided to create a reinforced transport hub at the edge of the system, where transports regularly pass through.

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Iridium haul

For many years, the storages and iridium processing plants were located here. The iridium was brought here from the nearby mining sites. The experiments with this material were carried out successfully. Some of the leaked prototypes even managed to gain some popularity on the black market among cybers. 

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Terramorphing station

For 50 years, the Planet CN-6571, located at the very edge of the system, has been exposed to the effects of a terraforming station. This station greatly accelerates the processes that help to form an atmosphere on the planet’s surface.

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Ruined station

For many years it was home to military warehouses and refueling stations for patrol ships. As a result of the alien attack, most of the structures were destroyed and the remnants of the equipment were stolen by marauders and pirates. 

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Abandoned outpost

It used to be one of the largest Mendes mining stations. It served Jericho for many years as an additional outpost in the region until it was captured by the Cybers. 

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Solaris Wasteland

Have you ever been to the Wasteland? It’s a dreadful place. Do you know how many ordinary people, not fighters, died in this meat grinder on the Wastes? As I try to close my eyes — I hear their cries for help... Our unit was accompanied by transports. And then they shot me down, I woke up at the station, restored piece by piece. The commanders say that we must live on, and all this is our stubborn Jericho pride. But no one will prevent me from remembering this...

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Orange Giant

After the opening of the Solaris system, the Jericho Council decided to send a state-of-the-art research vessel to collect data on the system, but it was destroyed in a collision with an asteroid.

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Eastern mining station

Currently, after the Invasion and the war, it is a large mining hub near the Ceres system. It is better protected than the northern station, so life here is calmer. It is said that local miners were able to infiltrate a giant structure nearby, obtained some tech and did not want to share it.

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