Abandoned complex

The ruins in this area have long been mapped as one of the monuments of a dead civilization. Researchers have not been able to understand what they were created for. 

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Ancient ruins

The Antaress system is probably one of the most famous and mysterious systems of the Fringe sectors. It was in this system that the famous “Ancient Ruins” and the so-called “Temple” were found - cyclopean artifacts of the Precursor civilization.

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The source

The Procssima system is one of the best for finding ancient artifacts. It still attracts the attention of the most influential forces of the galaxy, and this zone was no exception.

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As a result of careful scanning of the depths of space, Jericho discovered this sector with ancient structures that had not yet been studied. For a long time this place remained secret, but the Federation agents managed to reveal its location thanks to the boundless greed of one of the Families.

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Lava spines

A fascinating sight — a chain of frozen rock conventionally called “Lava Spines”. The origin of this object is still not established, because the best minds of mankind were engaged in war with the aliens. This has given rise to many conjectures among those who do not follow the word of science. 

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Iridium strand

The iridium strand holds many secrets. It holds a massive high-quality Iridium mining operation, which is one of the most important resources in the galaxy. 

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Pallas Border

This zone would have remained an unremarkable cluster of asteroids, if not for the battle that broke out here at the beginning of the Invasion. 

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Mining site

The richest deposit, located in the Pallas system, has long been under the protection of the Mendes Family. Iridium mines are located here, and they are still operational today.

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Gas harvest station

Early in its history, the “Mendes IX” station was small and didn’t require a large supply of fuel, but launching a massive iridium production, terraforming the planet in a neighboring system, and supplying the military fleet forced Mendes to seek additional sources of fuel.

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Station Mendes-IX

The most important stationary hub of the Mendes family. When the madness of the war with aliens began and the streams of refugees poured in from all sides, the hierarchs of Mendes acted wisely and did not refuse asylum to those who wished. 

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