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Note 84 — Modernization

Pilots! We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Among them are: trading system improvements, test drive for new ships and, of course, new game modes! Today we are going to tell you about the improvements in some of the game's aspects and the new PvP mode.

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Entry 83 — Frigate ‘Boremys’

We are back with more information about the latest designs that will appear in the game in the future updates. Among them are: improved trading, new game modes, tweaks of existing modes and of course, new ships! Today we are going to tell you about a new ship — the Federation's guard frigate Boremys!

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Note 82 — Spaceball

Pilots! We continue to acquaint you with the latest developments that will appear on the game servers in the future updates. Among them, an improved trading system, new game modes, improvements to existing modes and of course, new ships! Today we will tell you about the new PVP mode — Spaceball.

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Note 81 — New ships

Today we will continue to inform you about the latest faction prototypes — ships of the highest ranks.

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Note 80 — New technologies

A significant part of the big update Star Conflict: Journey is already on the game servers. The global fleet revamp is almost complete, and very soon players will have access to rank 16 and 17 ships with unique design and capabilities. We are going to discuss them in our spring Developer Blog.

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Note 79 — New progress system and campaign

The global fleet revamp is in full swing, and in the near future players will have access to rank 16 and 17 ships with unique design and capabilities. In this year's final developer blog we'll talk about the main features of Journey — a new player progress system and a story campaign in open space.

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Note 78 — New ships

Congratulations to all pilots of the border sectors on the upcoming New Year and Christmas! We hope that you love New Year's holidays and gifts as much as we love them. In the new year in Star Conflict you will see new adventures, new assignments and, of course, new ships. Some of them are discussed in more detail in this issue of the developer's blog.

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Note 77 — The History of Modern Times

A transcript of the secret meeting of the top managers at Ellydium-Alpha has fallen into our hands. Today we would like to show you some excerpts from this very remarkable document.

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Note 76 — Tackler Fighters Update

We continue our story about the global fleet update with unique equipment and abilities in Star Conflict. This time we will talk about tackler fighters. The ships of this role are focused on countering fast and maneuverable enemies.

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Note 75 — Command Fighter Update

Pilots, global fleet improvement is approaching the finish line! The ships are designed at the dawn of the game's creation are now equipped with unique hardware and capabilities. We already talked about the Federation gunship Wolf-M, today we will look at a whole role — command fighters.

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