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Note 76 — Tackler Fighters Update

We continue our story about the global fleet update with unique equipment and abilities in Star Conflict. This time we will talk about tackler fighters. The ships of this role are focused on countering fast and maneuverable enemies.

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Note 75 — Command Fighter Update

Pilots, global fleet improvement is approaching the finish line! The ships are designed at the dawn of the game's creation are now equipped with unique hardware and capabilities. We already talked about the Federation gunship Wolf-M, today we will look at a whole role — command fighters.

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Note 74 — The Time of Change

In honour of the 3 year anniversary from Star Conflict release day, we're ready to share fresh news about the future of our beloved universe.

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Note 73 — A Look to the Future

The fight continues to intensify between factions and a new power in the market of advanced military technologies, the Ellydium corporation. This is the perfect moment for mercenaries to substantially increase the power of their fleet and extract the maximum benefit from the conflict.

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Note 72 — Summer Evolution and Destroyers Return

On the verge of the hottest season of the year, Star Conflict team prepares a special summer menu for every taste. Starving for both innovations and classics — welcome to the table!

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Note 71 — Tai'Kin, Trading System and New PvE

Very little time has passed since the beginning of the year, and Star Conflict universe has once again impressively transformed. Ellydium scientists change reality with the latest developments of alien technology, the fight between corporations for fringe sectors broke out with renewed vigor, and the most enterprising mercenaries are knee-deep in studying the trading system that finally became available to everyone. In this issue, we will examine what has been done, and have a little look into the future of Star Conflict.

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Note 70 — New 'Sector Conquest' and Trading System

The game enters the new year with new innovative Ellydium Corporation technology, a global update of Sector Conquest and a trading system. In this developers blog entry we are going to talk about two latter two and upcoming innovations.

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Note 69 — Invasion History (Part Four)

Today we want to tell all pilots about what is happening in the world of Star Conflict not only in the fringe sectors, but also in the metropolis. 

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Note 68 — New Jericho Destroyer and Halloween

It has recently become a common occurrence to see a freshly-built Sirius destroyer proudly soaring through different sectors. Many pilots already mastered the flagship of the Federation and successfully use it in the vast universe of Star Conflict.

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Note 67 — 'Sector Conquest' Evolution

More than a year ago Sector Conquest mode saw the addition of Dreadnoughts and the most epic battles in Star Conflict universe. Star sectors are divided between the most powerful corporations. It is time to update the battle for control of the inhabited worlds. Today we want to talk about the upcoming evolution of global wars between corporations in the game.

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