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Note 53 — Autumn plans

Summer has gone by. Today, we want to share our plans for the first week of autumn. Very soon we are going to show you what the development team has been working hard all summer. It’s a large and important update that we want to dedicate to mercenaries — you, our players.

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Note 52 — Summer plans

Today we want to share with you some of our plans for the near future.

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Note 51 — Upcoming balance fixes

The new set of modifications of the technical characteristics is ready and today we would like to present to you the balance fixes that will be added to our game universe. The adjustments will be related to the weapon, the system of crews, the modules and several ship bonuses.

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Note 50 — Ships and modules

While powerful corporations capture locations and lead desperate attacks on enemy dreadnoughts, ordinary pilots continue traversing our universe, fight in PvP, complete missions and participate in tournaments.

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Note 49 — Game development plans

On March 26, 2015 we launched Season 2 in our project Star Conflict. The long-awaited dreadnoughts finally appeared in the game. Start of the second season marked a new stage in the development of the game.

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Note 48 — Battle of Dreadnoughts, Guide

Starting with Star Conflict version 1.1.3 corporations can establish control over locations on the global map. Captured locations will bring additional profits to their owners.

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Note 47 — The Invasion's history (part 3)

Today we continue to acquaint you with the plot detail. Earlier, we talked briefly about the main events in the game universe, which occurred during the open beta and the ‘First Season’. Today we want to share what’s going to happen next. After all, we are standing on the threshold of the ‘Second season’.

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Note 46 — The Invasion's history (part 2)

The last time we told you about the events in the universe of our project, that took place earlier. Today we are going to tell you how the Alien invasion started and what changes occurred in the game world.

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Note 45 — The Invasion's History: Dreadnoughts

As you may know from our previous developer blog posts, for us the game has become a fantastic interactive series, where the leading role is played by you — pilots and mercenaries. As befits a modern series, the plot is divided into parts that we called seasons.

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Note 44 — The Invasion's history (part 1)

These days we celebrate our birthday. Our project Star Conflict is now three years old. It was a difficult path of space exploration. It's time to talk about what is really happening in our border sectors.

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