Developer's diary
Note 40 - Work in Progress

Today we would like to talk about some changes in the game - new PvP map and new modules!

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Note 39 - Future plans and tournaments

So, update 1.0 is already on the main servers and pilots can fully enjoy it. We won't dwell on what has already been done - patchnotes and their discussion threads exist just for that. We'd rather talk about the future, near and distant.

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Note 38 - Mentoring system, Workshop update and fort 'Muerto'

In the new article of the developer blog we talk about the first part of the upcoming updates - mentoring system, module creation system and the new sector.

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Note 37 - Observer and improvements in the ‘Invasion’ mode

Today we would like to talk about changes in the ‘Observer’ mode that allows watching the battles, and about additions to the ‘Invasion’.

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Note 36 - 'Invasion' mode and Corporate Recruitment

Today's entry is dedicated to our new mode ‘Invasion’, which is now running in test mode on the game servers.

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Note 35 - Improved voice chat, updated leaderboards and other news

In today's post we want to tell you about our past and current lines of development!

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Note 34 - Pirates, New Map, Ratings and other news

In today's entry, we would like to start with an important problem called piracy.

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Note 33 - Crafting and New Map

We would like to start today's entry by talking about item crafting system, which will be released simultaneously with the new mode.

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Note 32 - Travelling in new mode, poll on joystick support and other news

In today's entry of our blog, we would like to tell you about the upcoming features of the game.

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Note 31 - New mode, TDM and updated Fan-kit

We would like to start today's blog entry with a short story about one of the aspects of the upcoming special mode. You waited for it — so here's some new info on the mode!

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