Developer's diary
Note 33 - Crafting and New Map

We would like to start today's entry by talking about item crafting system, which will be released simultaneously with the new mode.

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Note 32 - Travelling in new mode, poll on joystick support and other news

In today's entry of our blog, we would like to tell you about the upcoming features of the game.

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Note 31 - New mode, TDM and updated Fan-kit

We would like to start today's blog entry with a short story about one of the aspects of the upcoming special mode. You waited for it — so here's some new info on the mode!

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Note 30 - Updated Developement plan

Star Conflict developement process goes on - and that is why we would like to present this updated developement plan for our game!

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Note 29 - Linux, Oculus Rift, Emblems and more!

In today's post you will hear about the preparations for the 0.10.0 update!

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Note 28 - Tactical Map improvement and New PvE mechanics

In today's entry we will tell you about two things that await you tomorrow!

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Note 27 - Economics, Sector Conquest and Efficiency

In today's entry, we would like to highlight the issues of transitioning to a new technological level, Sector Conquest and continued work on improving the efficiency rewards system.

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Note 26 - Voice chat and New PvP map

In today's blog post we will tell you about some important changes that await you in the game this week!

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Note 25 - Synergy, Sector Conquest and HUD

In today's blog entry, we want to tell you about various improvements we've been working on after the New Year.

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Summing it up and plans on 2014

In our today's entry we would like to give a review of the year and wish our players a Happy New Year!

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