Developer's diary
Note 64 — Premium ships rework continues

Restyling of pirate frigates Phoenix and Reaper was welcomed by our players. And the new crafting system for Premium ships has already proven itself, and gave all pilots the opportunity to collect the required items by playing their favorite game modes. This time creative re-evaluation reaches Premium ships Palom, Kite-E, Ghost and Karud.

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Note 63 — Phoenix and Reaper

New Premium ships, with unique gameplay mechanics and crafting system, are already in the game. Federation guard frigate Archelon, Federation gunship Stingray and a favourite of our players — Empire engineering frigate Brokk saw the light in April.

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Note 62 — Star Conflict League: "Lucky dozen"

With the start of the first season a new era begins in the history of Star Conflict tournaments. Intense, dynamic fights, true excitement — the first play-offs promise to be interesting as ever.

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Note 61 — New premium ships and a new build system

Very soon new premium ships will be added to the game. The main difference of the new ships from other premium vessels is that pilots will be able to build these ships from special parts — resources unique to each one. The new ships will have unique designs and new active modules.

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Note 60 — Evolution of ‘Sector Conquest’

Almost a year ago we launched the new ‘Sector Conquest’ system. We also introduced dreadnoughts, star sectors were divided between the powerful corporations. It's time to take the next step in the battle for control of inhabited worlds. Today for the first time we want to tell you what the new system of global corporation wars is going to look like in our game.

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Note 59 — Destroyers

We wish all our players a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy the New Year holiday as much as we do. This year, all players in Star Conflict are in for new adventures, new assignments, and most importantly — very soon the game will get a new class of ships, called Destroyers.

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Note 58 — SСL first week recap

The first Leagues week has passed, and we have identified important aspects that require our attention.

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Note 57 — Star Conflict Leagues

Soon we are about to open automated seasons in testing mode, which we are calling Star Conflict Leagues. Today we would like to talk more about the development process, planned gameplay and our plans for the future.

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Note 56 — New rank system

It is no secret that balancing a game — is a process of continuous improvement. Some balancing solutions are evident from the beginning of development, some occur during the evolution of an already live project. The ranking system we are discussing today is an excellent example of the second case.

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Note 55 — Getting ready for Halloween!

Here comes October. Every year in late October a wave of anomalous energy passes across the Earth. According to old traditions of the Earth this time is called ‘Halloween’. Fanatics and cultists who worship the Signal think that on ‘Halloween’ dead souls penetrate into our world. Of course, this is all nonsense and fiction! Yet we are preparing for one special night of the year.  A Night in the Lonesome October...

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